Every day, adults and children are injured or killed as a result of defective products which are sold to the consuming public with hidden dangers caused by negligent design and production. While product liability lawsuits are costly and defended vigorously by the big companies, our firm has successfully taken on large manufacturers to hold them accountable for injuries or death attributable to their poorly labeled drugs, unsafe vehicles, defectively designed machinery, hazardous recreational products and others.

If you believe you have been the victim of a defective or malfunctioning product, it is important to contact an attorney immediately to take the appropriate steps to preserve any and all evidence necessary to pursue a product liability action. Also, under Florida law, liability can attach to anyone in the chain of distribution from manufacturer to distributor to retailer. Accordingly, if you are injured by an unsafe product, preserve all documentation which identifies its source such as receipts, invoices, owner’s manuals and packing slips.

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Products Liability


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