There are many forms of dangerous premises claims. Carbon monoxide poisoning and even death can result from a defective furnace or other gas-powered equipment in a house, apartment, office, store or other building. Cases can develop from many other situations: holes or uneven surfaces in parking lots, sidewalks or floors; unmarked drop-offs, ledges, culverts or holes, dangerous retail layouts or designs, including sharp corners and displays that may cause injury to children. Construction sites, shopping centers, retail stores, private homeowners, cities and counties and other businesses may all victimize people invited to their premises due to hidden dangers or hazards.

Businesses and property owners have a duty to protect their customers and invitees from assaults and other criminal activity. These precautions include warnings, adequate lighting, limited access, security cameras and providing properly trained security guards. When these precautions are not implemented, and a foreseeable attack occurs, a claim for negligent security may arise.

Inadequate security frequently leads to injury in shopping centers, malls, hotels and apartment complexes. Most of these cases involve some sort of assault. Potential assailants may stake out a convenient area with lax security and await a victim. Adequate security could discourage or deter these assailants. Property owners must be held accountable when they fail to take the simplest measures to protect those whom they invite on their premises.

If you were assaulted on someone else’s property, you may have a claim. Arthur Garcia has successfully represented employees, shoppers and other individuals attacked on property without adequate security.

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