If you have been injured in a crash or a loved one killed due to the negligence of another driver you will have tough decisions that must be made to protect your rights and the rights of the ones you love. After a tragedy, most people are not prepared to navigate the uncharted waters they face; you need the services of a competent attorney to figure out who is at fault, collect and preserve evidence, forcefully negotiate with insurance companies, and more. You deserve answers to difficult questions; we can help. We want to help.

Let Art Garcia put his experience to work for you. Every day people are injured on south Florida’s roads. Everyday someone faces financial and physical uncertainty because of injuries or death that could have been avoided. 

You have questions

  • Who will pay the medical bills?
  • What happens if I or my spouse cannot work?
  • What will happen if I have future medical needs;
    Who will pay them?
  • Can my personal injury claim jeopardize mine or a family member’s entitlement to public benefits?
  • We have answers
  • Click here to contact us with details about your case.

    Personal Injury
    Automobile Crashes


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